The Zugspite Region

The Zugspite Region by Josh Spaulding

Some of the most popular and beautiful German countryside is located in the deep south of Germany in the Alps. The Zugspite Region is a perfect example. It connects the German and Austrian boarder and includes the highest elevation point in all of Germany. If you live in Germany along the A3 Autobahn, you’ll often […]

Show Caves in Germany – Fun Tourism Attraction

Show Caves in Germany – Fun Tourism Attraction by Josh Spaulding

Did you know Germany has over 51 show caves for you to explore? Show caves are determined as any cavity under the earth’s surface that is equipped with lights and can be walked through, and Germany boasts some of the most beautiful show caves in the world. That’s not just one man’s opinion either. In […]

Zip Lines in Germany – Top 3

Zip Lines in Germany – Top 3 by Josh Spaulding

Thrill seekers love the German country side for it’s lush green landscape and mountainous regions. It’s no surprise high rope courses and zip lines are such a big part of the German culture. If you’ve never been on a zip line, Germany is the perfect place to try it for your first time! Here are […]

Initial Planning for your Trip to Germany

Initial Planning for your Trip to Germany by Josh Spaulding

I’m sure you’re very excited now that you’ve booked your trip to Germany. You’re likely excited thinking about all of the many castles, breweries, vineyards etc. But you may also be brainstorming to come up with things that you may forget! In this article we will attempt to get you as prepared as possible, so […]

Germany Tourism Information

Germany Tourism Information by Josh Spaulding

I hear many people talking about Germany, both on the Internet and in person, so I thought I would try to provide some insight on how Germany really is from the point of view of an American Soldier (Me) who has lived here for over four years. Whether you are planning a trip to Germany […]

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We provide everything you need to know about touring the German country in order to have a blast while you're there! This site was created by , a former U.S. Soldier who was stationed in Germany for over 5 years, and his wife who was born and raised in Frankfurt a.M., Germany. We do our best to provide solid information, including potential dangers and setbacks, derived from our own real-life experience, so that your trip is one of a lifetime!


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