Checkpoint Charlie Is A Top Must-See In Berlin Tourism

Checkpoint Charlie Is A Top Must-See In Berlin Tourism by Josh Spaulding

If you are taking a trip to Germany, be sure to visit Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. It is one of the top tourist attractions because it is on of the few lingering symbols of the Cold War. It is thought to be one of the most powerful symbols of the division that existed in Germany […]

A Brief History Of The Cuckoo Clock

A Brief History Of The Cuckoo Clock by Josh Spaulding

Cuckoo clocks mark the hours of the day with the call of the cuckoo. These clocks were first invented in the Black Forest region of Germany in the 18th century. Ever since, these timepieces have been a popular choice for households around the world. In the middle of the 17th century, people in this region […]

Charming German Traditions At Christmas Time

Charming German Traditions At Christmas Time by Josh Spaulding

Christmas is a magical time in Germany, for on Christmas eve one hears church bells ringing from the sea, trees burst into fruit, animals and people speak together, jewels pour from mountaintops and the rivers run with wine. Or at least that’s how the tradition goes. Are German Christmas Traditions The Same As Those In […]

Five Great Things To Do In Germany

Five Great Things To Do In Germany by Josh Spaulding

Germany is a wonderful place to visit with a rich and lengthy heritage. The countryside is gorgeous; the castles and medieval villages are charming; the ancient churches are breathtaking, and the museums are second to none. Visiting WWII Memorials & Landmarks Is A Must Naturally, many countries have remembrances of WWII, but none compare with […]

The Zugspite Region

The Zugspite Region by Josh Spaulding

Some of the most popular and beautiful German countryside is located in the deep south of Germany in the Alps. The Zugspite Region is a perfect example. It connects the German and Austrian boarder and includes the highest elevation point in all of Germany. If you live in Germany along the A3 Autobahn, you’ll often […]

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